Salut! I am a self-taught artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. I started my painting late in life in 2014, as I seem to be doing with other things on my bucket list. After 20 years of yearning to learn chinese painting, I am finally doing it. It was an amazing feeling… that moment when I felt a release of my creative energy, and my art flowed from my inner soul to the brush onto paper. It is a moment I will always remember.

Connie Lam at her little art corner
My little art corner.


My first love is chinese brush painting. I also enjoy very much bold colour-filled watercolours and acrylics. Oil painting? I’m hesitant to try it – it sounds quite complicated and I visualise oil painters jabbing at their canvas to let out all their angst! Even with different mediums, I prefer painting from the chinese painting perspective. I like playing with different materials to see the outcome of chinese painting on watercolour paper, wood, fabric, glass, etc..


Chinese Painting: Lotus Grace in Sadness
Lotus: Grace in Sadness


I paint on either sized or unsized xuan paper, depending on the style of painting – GongBi (detailed meticulous) or XieYi (freehand). When I paint, I find inner peace of mind and soul. It can also be indicative of the mood/state of mind. I did this piece “Lotus: Grace in Sadness” just after my mother passed away in June 2015.

Watercolour - Golden Magnolias
Golden Magnolias


When I use this medium, my art tends to explode with colours. I enjoy very much the splash ‘n blow method, or rather it’s pour, splash, blow, blend. I’m still working up my lung power so I can blow the paint to make it move! I seem to always end up using my fingers, as I did with this piece. 

Acrylic: Goldfish Delights in Red Blossoms
Goldfish Delights in Red Blossoms


Painting with acrylics on canvas is a completely different experience from painting on xuan or watercolour paper. It is more forgiving than xuan paper, or rather painting on xuan is completely unforgiving – a stroke of brush is permanent; you cannot undo or correct mistakes. I did find painting on canvas seems to consume more of my energy. I do enjoy painting acrylics on wood base as it flows smoother. I also end up using my fingers here and this is where disposable gloves come in handy!



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