Connie Lam, Artist
If only I could just close my eyes and write…
How incredibly difficult it is to write a blog?! I stare at the screen, my fingers ready to type some meaningful, witty thoughts. Time passes, the brain goes numb…my eyes glaze over…I am suspended in time till my stiff back pulls out out of the hazy daze. A few days later, I’m still at the same juncture.

I’ll try not to rave too much but this is a big moment for me. I’m especially delighted to have my website go live. It’s exciting and unnerving to put my art (i.e. myself) out there, but something pulls me to share it with the world. The site’s not perfect and I’m sure there’ll be errors abound in the setup. Please shout out when you come across broken links or incorrect information or if something just doesn’t look right – be it the layout, colour scheme, structure, logo. I’ll review it when I have more time after the AUT Original Art Sale Exhibition on 14-16 October 2016. I want to express my grateful thanks to my sister, Jenny, for taking the time to go through the site and giving me valuable feedback.

Of course, I’d love to hear from you about my art. I promise I’ll try to accept all comments given in good faith with dignity and humility…as much as any artist can about their creations! Art is subjective – there is no wrong or right on how my art may make you feel. I’d rather it fills you with strong emotions (good or bad) than “meh”.

Hope to hear from you. Ciao!


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  1. Loving your blog already!! Enjoyed reading them and love your art. I am so proud of you Connie! You have achieved heaps!! Blessings upon blessings on you!!

    • mm

      Thanks heaps, Jen, for your constant active support – in various different ways – from the very beginning. I have really appreciated itxx

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