Salut! I’ve just spent two weeks designing a logo and watermark for my site. With little experience in desktop publishing or availability of professional software (what was that about a struggling artist?), I used what was available to me.  It felt like a never-ending task.

I meditated long and hard on what a logo should represent. It might seem easy but it’s probably one of the hardest things to not over-complicate, so many things that you think your brand should have. I found the best concise advice in these points:

1) Distill your message to its essence. Take as long as you need.
2) Design simply.
3) Simpler than that.

The essence of my logo. After having chucked the whole kitchen sink into it, it suddenly hit me that what represents me is my name and my chinese chop…not a piece/portion of my art..or a paint brush or lots of bold colours. After umpteen attempts, these were some of the later ones I considered (:O|:

My sister Jenny thought the bottom left was too strong and the bottom middle looked russian. My boss Denise felt the latter was too corporate and it didn’t represent my brand. All these feedback helped me to get onto a better path. I present to you my final logo.

cropped-Logo-WhiteBlue-Enso-Chop-ConnieLam-art.pngEssence of my logo: “Ensō Connie”
The ensō circle expresses a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. This perfectly represents when I am painting. I have applied layers of ensō to reflect the complexity of my art; they may look simple but I would paint layer upon layer to create a look.

The ensō faces right to represent my name – the initial C.  I like the imperfections on the left; it betrays the frustrations, the scrunched-up pieces of art, the moments when I am struggling for inspiration.

The names given to me by my parents. Within the ensō is the chop of my chinese name that I stamp onto my work. A circle within a circle. Lastly and certainly the main component of my essence, my name.

Does it work? Do you think it reflects the essence of my work? Did I manage to keep it simple?

à la prochaine (until the next time),