I have been working on a new piece of art this week, using chinese paint/ink, brushes and techniques on 300gsm cold-pressed watercolour paper.  It has been quite different and challenging as cold-pressed paper is not absorbent while the traditionally-used raw xuan paper very much is. This produced different effects. It was also awkward painting an A2 size piece on my little art table, with the occasional nosiness of my cats jumping up to see what I was up and why I was ignoring them! I will have to try to re-organise my art table some how and get a large piece of board on top.

Here are three photos to give you an idea what it looked like at different stages:

NB. The colour tones in Stage 2 are a better representation of the actual colours (excluding the tree).

Looking at it, this piece is not complete yet. I thought it was! Looking at Stage 2 and 3 together, this is still very much work in progress. I might let it marinade (on me) for a while.

Still thinking of a name for this piece…Red Bridge Retreat? ….The Thinking Man?….any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “New Art Piece in Progress.

  1. I agree with Jenny. What an amazing transformation of each stage of your work. Well done Connie. Bet your cats were curious to see how your art is going too. Lol. Cant wait for final piece. Call it “Man on way to the Teahouse”. Note the red bridge not complete yet.? L

    • mm

      Thanks Lisa. Yes, I plan to record the various stages of my paintings now (with photos). I deliberate did the bridge that way to indicate some distance to the house…leave to the viewer’s imagination. Am considering all suggestions for names, cheers.

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